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6. Action Bronson

USA / 2020
Client The Panics
Role Animator
Director Animator

          For this wild Action Bronson music video the team at The Panics created this muscular dolphin that needed to be brought to life. The directors wanted the movement to be slow and majestic so that’s what this little guy eventually did! The dolphin was voiced by Tom Hardy. 



Design & Animation

.Music Industry

  1. Beyoncé

  2. Bad Bunny

  3. 88Rising

  4. Sevdaliza
  5. Lost Frequencies

  6. Action Bronson

  7. Max Cooper

  8. Bassnectar

.Commercial Graphics

  1. Brothers & Sons

  2. Wasteboards

  3. Dell
  4. Fujitsu 

  5. Desperados

  6. Einsteins Light

  7. van Gogh Museum


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